Grace and Gratitude

Stay grounded… connect within. Find peace with where you are, and find hope in where you are headed.

You can eat the spinach, drink the water, track the calories, attend the meetings, buy all the things, wear the designer shoes. But not one ounce of that matters if we cannot connect to something higher or greater than ourselves.

Discard immediately what isn’t serving you. Hustle like you mean it… and rid the rotten. This new dawn can bring meaning, and you are capable of cultivating your purpose.

It’s not instant. Gratification is not always instant. Find what works for you… and when you do, hold on tight.

I’ve started my day with what fuels and serves my body the best. Grace and Gratitude today.

What are you grateful for?

Finding Your Gratitude

I’ve been asked about my personal journey with my food and booze addictions numerous times. I’ve been asked what stepping stones, forward movements, side streets, cliff falls, and rising ascents have gotten me where I am today?

One word I have studied… practiced… inhaled and meditated on is gratitude.

Despite my greatest challenges… despite the naysayers, despite ridiculous social norms, and heavy waves of intermittent mind chatter… I am somehow always able to see life’s gifts to me and fuel my quest for wellness and health with gratitude.

These gifts come in the form of people and their belief in me. They come in nature and the simplicity of a beautiful tree or body of water. They come in art, and what my eyes allow me see… and sometimes they present themselves even in the messy things.

The realness and rawness of disappointments and temporary setbacks… even amidst these moments, practicing gratitude within the chaos is what lays the foundation for the granulation of what you must recover from.

There will always be moments of nonsense. Find your gratitude anyway… onward.

~ From the Diary of What Running and Life Have Taught Me

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Run Lucky.

Some days I am fast and others are very slow.

Some days have music while others are just the echoing sounds of my surroundings.

Some runs, my mind is clear as a blue sky and sometimes it’s murky like deep water.

Sometimes it’s just because… while other times it’s pushing my body to limits I never thought possible.

Despite it all, I know this is a gift. How blessed to get to do something you love… in a place that you love… just making memories on the pavement?

Why do you do it? Some ask.

Because “I’m lucky enough to.”

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Life is My Teacher.

The older I get and the more time that passes… life continues to train and teach me.

It’s not always grandiose nor measured in lavish material “stuff”. It’s not what I can gain from you but what I can give.

As I move through my years… self reflection gets easier, not harder. I seek simplicity. I love my routines. I worry less about things I cannot control, and allow room for acceptance.

I am so grateful those who remain true and journey with me for light and strength… and have learned from those who pit stop in for their own benefit.

Today I ask myself… do my efforts match my words? Do my victories triumph over my defeats, and will I forever live to make a difference? The answer is yes.

Find a few good people… find a good routine… and find yourself back home to in wellness that’s waiting for you.

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Running is My Therapy

Maybe you’re lost, or maybe you’re on your way to finding the freedom of your soul.

Maybe you’re longing for change… or maybe you’re just right where you need to be.

Either way the more grateful we are… the more blessed we become.

This road… this blacktop… these moments, are my teacher…

My saving grace and I am forever thankful 💛.

Stops Along the Way.

The space between where you stand now and where you dream of landing is filled with many stops of uncertainty along the way. I am thankful for every setback, every tear, and plea of why me.

I am thankful for what my addictions allowed me to see, and why I never want to return there again. I am thankful to able to learn, and grow… to breathe and push my body to limits I never thought possible.

I am thankful for the first pair of running sneakers that humbled me… embarrassed me… and stayed patient as I navigated myself to a rebirth of health, appreciation, and love for the unspoken guidance of my paved roads.

Life wakes each morning with ten new reasons to quit, to surrender, to grumble, and to avoid. Be the one reason you prevail. Live thankfully… the end 👊🏻.

Go Get It.

Go Get It.

As she pulls the covers back, she notices a faint whisper of all the old voices meant to deteriorate her mind and derail her progress.

Her past buddies of laziness, discontentment, and self pity attempt to follow her to the closet… where her courage, self healing and strength– her sneakers, lay waiting.

She laces up, drinks her rocket fuel… and escapes outside to the pavement of progress.

She glides carefully, one step at a time. She hears the crunching of gravel, feels the slight change in temperature on her skin as she dips in the familiar valley of her back roads. 

It is then she realizes that no thing, no voice, no hater, no critic, no substance can undo what she has… and that is her joy.

She is me, and she is changing hearts and stirring minds… and she is extending her hand for you to come along.

Let’s go get it! #RUNBEFOREYOUFLY

All Along You Were Blooming

Boundless living is scary. It means waking up early, it means demanding a peaceful mindset.

It means turning the negative chatter off in your head. It means sacrifice when it’s necessary, and doing the work when there is every reason to quit.

It means shaping your future when the cards are stacked against you. It means trying harder. It means tasting your tears, dressing the battle wounds, and starting over every damn day if necessary.

It means moving the vertical structures that are stacked high between you and what your dreams and goals are. It means trusting others and others trusting you. It means building what you want, even when it seems impossible.

From once a broken and lost soul, addicted and miserable… to now the love of endurance running, hiking mountain tops… to writing my heart every day in my blog, to falling into a side hustle I love.

Make no mistake. It’s not by luck or coincidence. It’s not by chance or by happenstance… it’s by determination and challenge… it’s by hope and faith, and by imagination and grace…

All along you were blooming… Today is a good to settle for nothing less that what sparks your soul.

Seek Your Soul

Each day as the darkness lifts and the light of morning approaches, the driver of our mind is eagerly awaiting to criticize, underestimate, and drop us off at the destination of fear, and uncertainty.

The mental chatter starts… the banter between self-love and self-sabotage gets louder as it bullies us into confusion. And before we even make it to the coffee maker… we feel defeated.

It’s hard to trust ourselves at times. Joy becomes more difficult to cultivate, and the beauty within us gets hidden in our deteriorating exterior world and circumstances.

This morning as I close my eyes and breathe in all that I am yet to become… I am beyond grateful for those opportunities to give back and serve.

I forgive what I cannot change. I accept where my reserved seat in life is at present… and I thank my creator for allowing me to be teachable in my erroneous ways.

Things will not always make sense. Life is fascinating, and difficult, beautiful and tragic. Joyful and miserable, lonely and full… but today, breathe into what you know and desire.

Seek kindness and happiness for you and others. Seek wellness and contentment. Seek your soul… seek to be better…💙

Life is waiting. Isn’t it time?

Study Your Ingredients

Did you ever stop to think about all the virulent crap we put into our bodies and minds daily? I am not just speaking about foods we ingest, but in all facets of life. We are so conditioned to wake up… hear the bad news of the day, stuff it down, go to work, come home, REPEAT!

I overhear conversations at the grocery store, the gas stations, and the coffee shops all the time. People are on their phones, screaming, wanting more, or demanding less, fighting over yesterday’s deals, and sharpening the blades of their tongues to hurt others.

This year I have promised myself to study my ingredients a little closer, and to really examine who I will let in and who must go. I write down the things that are important to sustain my wellbeing, and how I can choose the better-quality ingredients of life to get me there.

We all need balance. We need a piece of cake once in a while… we need rest days and mind resets. We need retreats and refocus. For years I was too one-sided… all or nothing. I didn’t care about the quality of the ingredients as long as it served my purpose.

Today I am more selective. I am more patient. I am more intuitive with what matters to me and what I will and will no longer tolerate.

I am not just concerned about the quantity of things… but the quality first and foremost. This road, this pavement, these sneakers continue to enlighten and surprise me with their teachings. The time spent on this familiar, yet ever-changing route has afforded me new insight to creating joy… and being happy, just because!

Study your ingredients. Watch out for fake substitutes sneaking their way in to arrest your progress. Settle for less if it means gaining the essence of who are. Today starts with grace and it starts now. Onward… 🖤