About Peer Recovery Specialist Suzanne Swanson

Suzanne Swanson supports individuals who feel ready to move past difficult and traumatic life experiences and/or may have struggled with addiction at some point in their lives. She herself has overcome an unhealthy relationship with food and alcohol and now seeks to empower others toward the same.

Today, Suzanne guides others to self-betterment in her role as a peer recovery support specialist and in her professional work within the medical field. She leads the Run Before You Fly Group on Facebook — a running motivation, health-focused and emotional support group open to all.

Members are encouraged to share personal victories, celebrate fitness goals reached, and use writing as a tool of self-discovery and healing. Self-guided journaling challenges are offered seasonally via email for those who feel so inclined.

Suzanne’s group provides emotional support to kindred spirits who share her commitment to wellness, positive goals and ongoing self care.

She writes to empower others through her Run Before You Fly Blog, and maintains a healthy lifestyle that includes clean eating as well as setting and achieving athletic goals as a runner and health enthusiast.

Suzanne’s Message:

My life has certainly been a journey full of crazy moments, unpredictable seasons, challenge, adversity, and hope.

There are many things I have done wrong, choices I would have made differently. And yet, my heart still swells at a random act of kindness.

Holding the door for a stranger, someone telling you your smile is priceless, a perfectly made cup of coffee… sneakers and sunshine.

These prove to me everyday that in this crazy world gone mad… Good still remains.

People make me laugh and sometimes scream, but helping them realize their worth, and reach their goals is my true purpose and passion.

Do not settle for brief moments, or average seasons of life. Know your worth… price tag it and own it.

Envision lays the foundation… but grit gets you there.