Recovery Coaching

A peer recovery specialist with field experience in rehabilitation facilities in NJ and PA, Suzanne knows that the need for follow-up support often extends beyond what a 12-step program or rehab center provides or what insurance may cover.

She offers one-on-one virtual spot coaching to support individuals in need of long-term support for trauma and addiction recovery.

As someone who overcame an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and food, Suzanne is committed to supporting people on the path to self-betterment and a healthy lifestyle.

She also works in a coaching capacity assisting individuals who have struggled with depression, anxiety, PTSD or seek to recover from childhood trauma.

Work with Peer Recovery Coach Suzanne

Suzanne accepts new clients on a limited basis. The following support options are available in virtual formats:

Virtual one-on-one spot coaching is available by email.

Hourly rate: starts at $100 per hour. Pricing can be tailored to individual client needs. Contact us for more information.

Group Coaching:

A more affordable form of virtual support. Programs are currently in development. Deliverable: Via Email or Private Facebook Group. Topics to potentially cover:

  • Clean eating nutrition plan
  • Self care routines
  • Stress management
  • Exercise and fitness goals -customized to your needs, ability and availability
  • Long-term life goals and career planning
  • Emotional and mental health support
  • Working on personal problems, relationship challenges, talking through trauma
  • Exploring alternative and holistic healing methods such as yoga, meditation, supplements

Coaching packages and programs may include:

  • Journaling assignments and “writing as therapy” challenges
  • Questionnaires and personal assessments
  • Self-discovery exercises
  • Identifying and working through challenges
  • Goal setting, goal tracking, accountability
  • Development of coping strategies
  • Recommended local and national resources and referrals to support individual needs

Free: Join Suzanne’s Run Before You Fly Facebook Group (Private Group accessible to the general public. Anyone who seeks to give and receive support around healthy, productive, joyous and clean living is welcome.)

To learn more about recovery coaching and related programs, contact us here.

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