RBYF Community Courses

Hello, friends… Suzanne and Dina here, on a continued path to good health, positive action and self-betterment.

In addition to Suzanne’s motivational emails that we send out, we wanted to offer a self-coaching option for support-seekers. Our goal is to provide a more affordable alternative for people in need of different types of guidance.

One way to meet the needs of our Run Before You Fly readers is by offering seasonally presented courses. These may be journaling courses, writing challenges, daily lessons and self-coaching materials.

Because our group is diverse, and because some members might prefer to share privately or work independently on life goals, we thought it was important to create an email format for any courses we launch.

The types of online learning materials we’ll offer may include but are not limited to:

  • Courses designed to help people in recovery or overcoming an unhealthy relationship with food, alcohol or other addictive substances.
  • Creative writing and journaling courses for those seeking healthier relationships, emotional clarity, stronger mental health and sustained self-growth.
  • Courses targeting common life challenges, such as work-life balance, midlife crisis, menopause, life transition.
  • Courses geared toward wellness goals – such as healthy makeovers, healing from trauma, a more organized home, self care, holistic health, and more.

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