Collagen Elixir 6-Pack

“A Little Nutrition for Thought”

When is the last time you purchased something online? Most of us do it all the time.

We see an ad for something that pops up on social media. We buy that supplement, or that gorgeous sweater that looks fantastic and pleasing to our eye. We take chances… sometimes we love something, and sometimes it’s not for us.

We rarely know who the CEO of those companies might be. We seldom know what they truly believe in, where the products are made, and if they will serve us well.

Most of you know my journey. You know my struggles, my weaknesses and my strengths. As I age wiser… I realize more and more the importance of giving my body the nutrients it needs.

My old way was to starve myself, eat crap out of a package with a list of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, and yo-yo myself into a state of unwellness… only to meet disappointment at my door each time.

Coming into an understanding of the science behind nutrition begins with an open mind. You must unlearn what you think you know. You must have an open mind, and a clear vision. I have tried many things in the past. I would have robbed Peter to pay Paul for a pound lost on the scale.

I now realize what it truly means to feel healthy. I know that when I veered off this nutrition plan for a short time… my body responded immensely. The bloating came back. My sleeping patterns were off. I felt sluggish.

It’s not about the number on the scale, or the pants size you wear. Society has tainted and promoted body images, stigmas and such. The old standby excuse, “My grandparents ate (fill in the blank) and they were fine” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Our food sources and supply are sadly far from what they once were.

I have never met a better community. I have never had better customer service, and I know that the friendships I have made, and the kindness shown, is genuine. It’s based on a belief in what they do, who they can help and what WE can achieve as a whole. It’s not a ploy… it’s not a scam… it’s a family… and it works.

That. Is. All.

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