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Thank you to Suzanne and our members for always taking a moment to snap a pic, inspire with a positive message, and send words of encouragement. Let’s keep it going!

“Thank You Suzanne” – Tribute to Our Group Leader, Competitive Runner and Fitness Motivator Suzanne Swanson

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“Easy Like Sunday Morning” – Healthy, Happy Spring from Our Run Before You Fly Gang. Let’s Get Out There and Exercise

Winter of 2022 seemed to drag on forever. Many of us ran outdoors despite the dark and cold… but boy were we ready for spring. It finally came!

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“Treat Your Body Like It Belong to Someone You Love” – Valentine’s Day Slide Show

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“Little Bird” You Must RUN Before You Fly – Fitness Motivation Slide Show from Our Facebook Group

Suzanne Swanson has triumphed over an unhealthy relationship with food and alcohol. In her blog writings, she shares the story of her transformation. Find support and encouragement from Suzanne, to accomplish the same in your own life!

Suzanne has attracted followers from all over the world who have fallen in step on her competitive running journey and mission for self-betterment. The group welcomes members of all fitness levels – runners, walkers, those who are just getting started, and those who are in a place to motivate by way of their weight loss and wellness success.

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