Journal and Reboot Challenge

Good morning! I just finished a killer strength training workout and now will spend some time journaling.

Life is ever changing. Our goals change, our priorities change, our understanding of happenstance and circumstance change.

The older I get, the more I long to be reconnected to a place of familiarity, a place in my being where I know I’ve been, yet have had a hard time reaching it in this fast paced world.

Over the next several weeks, you may not see me post as much. I will be diving into some books that have been eagerly calling my name for months.

I will be writing, and focusing more on meditation and a deeper relationship with my creator, and less on reels and the constant scrolling I do which interrupts my daily productivity.

I encourage those who want to reset and reconnect to take this journey with me.

Buy a journal, buy a book today. Make a plan for better eating habits. Press play on a workout. There are tons of free workouts on YouTube offering any style and fitness level you need.

More importantly, clearing our heads of the constant construction in our minds… news media, garbage posts, and our inner voice negativity. To do this is pivotal to finding peace.

Practice writing daily in the lined pages of your book. Create your story. See how minimizing the need for constant interruptions can quiet the noise in your mind. Do this in the hope of rediscovering the joy we all seem to desperately scroll to find.

Be good to yourself. The past is done, but the future has been waiting patiently.

We want instant results. We want the now gratifications. We want the free gifts, we want the attaboys… but will we compromise to get these?

Do we lose ourselves to find it? Or do we settle in, and focus on what’s been right in front of us the entire time.

It’s amazing how much God will say to me when I just shut up and listen.

Start today. I’ll check in a few days and see how much we are all accomplishing. 💜

The quieter you become… the more you can hear.

With a Pen in Her Hand

…she is free.

Rest days come in all forms. On the days I know my legs need a break, I take the time to truly focus on how my mind is doing.

Writing is my release. It cleanses me. It is here on a small space between two lines that I can share my personal reflections, say goodbye to the crap that believes it’s still in control, and draw in some perspective.

It is here where I can release all the thoughts that are crowding precious space for new ideas, gentle guidance, or joy to enter.

It is here where I can visualize on paper what I have accomplished with my sneakers, what I have set free from my heart… and sketch my nutritional game plan for the week.

The investigation into our whys becomes the base layer for change. Put ink on paper, feel the pen in your hand, and make a contract with yourself to live better.

Words are powerful, tough, and have tremendous meaning when you take the time to read them… simplify your life… prioritize what helps… and may the pen and paper be exactly the rest you need.

Keep an eye out for “Journal Your Way to a Peaceful Holiday Season.” A mini course Dina and I will be offering to my Run Before You Fly members! Details coming soon!

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