Why Are You Smiling?

Suzanne, why are you smiling?

I smile because I am seeing my dreams unfold before me. I smile because, despite what some may think, this world is still full of good people… doing abounding things to help others.

I smile because I have stood in the ring of a what seemed like a 12-round boxing match, not only to come out stronger, sober, healthier, but with increased spiritual growth and a newfound sense of purpose and passion.

I smile because the gifts I have been given by my creator have never been more clear or more precise.

I smile because when I share those gifts, my soul feels happy, and my cup is full. I smile because the toxic crap and negative self-talk that once took their liberties upon me, can never break my wall of liberation.

Today can be the day you break your chains. Today can be your day of forgiveness, acceptance, preservation, and hope.

Did you smile today? Even when it’s hard, even when you don’t want to, even still… smile. You may just make someone’s day better. Enough about that… time to move.

The Art of Alignment

Did you ever wake up and think how did I get here? What is life trying to teach me? And why must I stay on this path? For me, this is something I ponder with curiosity almost daily.

As I always try to move forward with Integrity and Intention… my mind wanders back to “all the things.” The whys and ways of my old life. The demand to myself of changing my habits and body. The rawness of exposing my booze addition, my previous obesity, and the hallway of self-sabotage I was trapped in.

The efforts of searching and trusting what nutrition I choose and what supplements I will make a priority in taking are all things that as I age and gain wisdom… become of utmost importance. Alignment happens when we stay in agreement with ourselves… not the wishes of others!

Alignment happens when we pray, we manifest, and we know that the people, friends, acquaintances you are connected with are pivotal in reaching your dreams and goals. The sport I love more than almost anything, has connected me with the most amazing humans. Hard work, grit, sacrifice, kindness, are just the tip of what we have in this community.

Whether you are a runner, walker, swimmer, biker, hiker, yoga teacher, friend, family member, or just along to learn and grow… know your purpose is important, the language of life you speak will be the enlaced in your legacy.

We all hide from reality. We don’t like to talk about the hard and messy things. We believe we can do it alone, we choose mediocrity every time. Find time for readjustment and alignment. Work hard to hustle for what you know is yours and claim the possibility of loving life.

I will be looking for those ready to align with me… to take chances, and discuss visions of only goodness, wholeness and wellness. We can’t do it alone… but together, we can rise 💛. May your attention be on your alignment and may only goodness cover you.

The Day is as Good as We Make It.

The day is only as good as we make it. I woke up… did my collagen shooter, laced my sneakers, and now it’s time to breathe in some wellness, and exhale some toxicity.

Habits and routines are a critical part of my day. The quiet of the morning, the ink of the pen, the blank page of my notebook paper come first. It is here where I set my intentions for this day.

I let go of what I can’t control, I do my best to forgive my shortcomings, and I let the gentle strike of my felt tip pen ease me into my day.

Seek to create habits that start your day without disruption. Seek approval only from the depths of your longing soul… not the opinion of others. Strive to make the words on your paper a reality, not just empty promises.

My sneakers are part of my story. The answers, the solace, the discipline, and the gratitude they have taught me continue to not only amaze me, but keep me aligned with my purpose… and steady me when I stumble and sway.

Simplicity and contentment are often in the lost and found. We always crave, uproot, and hunt more… for bigger or better. Today, let joy be found in something simple. Find contentment in the ordinary. There is plenty of goodness for you and for me. Go find it.

The Little Things.

The sun is out for the first time in what feels like an eternity. Although the air feels cold, the sky above mixes hints of lighter and deeper blues.

Today I am appreciating the little things. These are things I am so very guilty of taking for granted daily. The sun hitting my face today feels like a gift. Being free and able to move my body and breathe clean air into my lungs is a gift. Being in a body that fights for us, heals… and forgives is a gift.

Feeling the “real feels” of all aspects of life is sometimes exhausting, and without a doubt a “not so subtle” reminder that we are not in charge, not guaranteed, not entitled, but beyond privileged in our being. 

How we choose to respond… how we negotiate, and our perspective, will absolutely enhance or derail our progress.

The corners of my mouth will stay upward today. Today is a good day.

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It is true what they say… that in years to come, the dynamics of your home will change.

This morning, the house is eerily quiet. The kids are grown and out of the house, and as loved ones have passed on… the flood of golden memories flashes through my mind of “how it used to be.”

My heart was broken this morning as this was the first Christmas my beautiful Oreo boy wasn’t heading up the charge to see if Santa brought him his doggie bones… wagging his tail excitedly.

It’s a damp, foggy, drizzly, gray morning here in the Northeast. The kind of day you wish you didn’t have a circadian rhythm that has had you up since 4… but nevertheless, I rise.

So I head out to do the thing that I know will make me feel alive. I lace those sneakers, let the cold drizzle hit my face, and set out to leave it all on the pavement. The pavement who knows the interior of my heart so well, and always has the unspoken answers, or the subtle way of showing me… “it is well with my soul.”

At the top of the hill, I approach a sudden reflection of such beautiful color and shimmer so bright it almost blinds me. I stop for a moment of think of the mess swirled together. It’s a mixture of oils, waters, light beams and refraction… just like life. Even with our chaos, and change, with its messiness, and shortfalls, with our deep heartaches or branded memories, serendipity always shows up at the greatest moments of need to teach us magic, and joy still exist… even on a foggy, dismal day.

As I turn the corner to finish the last leg home, I hear the echo of my father’s favorite song… “and I think to myself… what a wonderful world.”

Merry Christmas to all my beautiful friends and family. Find the serendipity today. It always shows up when you need it most.

Drink Down the Gratefulness

I know waking up and seeking joy on purpose isn’t always easy. Obstacles are thrown at you all day. Meteor showers of other people’s crap will rain down upon you and make you question if your path is right or crooked.

You will never have control over others’ opinions, ideas, or thoughts… the solution is to create your own. Do what works best for you. Seek out blessings, harvest joy and happiness, and work to become your greatest self.

The world wants you to compete. It wants you to swim in waters of fear. It wants to slowly inflict hate, and it wants you to carry burdens that have already been lifted from you.

Today… find joy in the simple. Find one thing that makes you smile. Do one kind thing today for someone, and above all wake up and be present for yourself.

Drink more water. Put something good in your body, and give thanks for what it carries you through.

It’s a beautiful, abnormally warm morning here in the Northeast. My legs move as I ask them to, my heart beats fast, and my lungs gracefully take me around all the turns and hills of these roads and my life. It’s simple today.

Wake up and pour yourself a cup of gratefulness. Drink it down and go!

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Victories come in all ways that are unique to our goals and our personal achievements. It doesn’t always have to be about the time on the watch, the number on a scale, or what page 37 of the magazine says it is…

This morning I watched the most incredible sunrise I almost have ever witnessed. The sky was lavender, mixed with reds, and oranges, and a stillness that is hard to put into words… to be alive, out of bed, for my eyes to see that is a victory.

I struggle with running in heat and humidity. This morning I ran up the same hills that often defeat me, with ease and a lightness I haven’t felt in a long time. That’s a victory.

Maybe getting out of bed today for you is a victory. Maybe smoking one less cigarette, drinking one less drink, eating one less cookie, those are all victories.

Speaking the truth in love is a victory. Being a little kinder… not tolerating other people’s crap… all victories. Saying yes to yourself and no to societal stigmas. VICTORY.

It doesn’t matter how small or immeasurable you think your progress is. Feel the joy of it all. Your victories are your guide. Use them… thank them, and be glad in them. They are all part of your story.

Go find a victory today. Amen. 🖤

#whataview #runningmotivation #imaluckygirl

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Faith and Timing

Faith and timing. These two words are thrown around plenty. But are we trusting in both to guide us to our greatest moments of fulfillment?

We all want the easy road. The path of least resistance. The quicker result, the fast-track model, now, rush, instant gratification, the “I need it yesterday” mentality.

Everything comes in His timing. My path, my journey has been painfully slow… with setbacks, rollovers, do-overs and slow motions.

Faith allows me to get up and keep going. Faith pushes me when I think I can’t… when I’m told I won’t… and renews me with a purpose-filled cup.

All that is happening to me and for me, right this minute, is perfect in His plan, timed with divine purpose.

Don’t be dismayed, do not quit, do not settle, do not try to halt the deeper feeling within you that are fighting to be led to greatness.

You are here now, with an aliveness that is magnificent. You have so much to give, and to be present for.

Let faith be your guide. Let trust be your mantra, and let your soul out of the cage.

Today is the day. Onward, Loves…

#todayistheday #faith #anotherchapterinmybookwritten


As we approach this season of Thanksgiving, I realize more and more just how much life has given me. Seeing my breath hit the cold air… feeling alive as my heart pumps fast, and my lungs burn… all the time knowing that not everyone gets to do this, and what a true gift it is to be able to be active, and well.

The human body is an amazing masterpiece. Our senses, taste, touch, our eyes to see all that is created wonderfully. We can use our senses for things recognizable, but it’s our hearts that make us the incredible humans we are.

Face all possibilities today with a relentless flow of love and happiness. The dark will always continue to try to conceal our truth within. But the heart know us, and is ever-attentive to allow tenderness and dismiss fear.

Run, work, play and do all things today with an appreciation for your heart. Respond to the call of life and may your presence shine brightly. A loving heart will always awaken the spirit of possibility… go forth and start living!

May all troubled hearts find hope, may the eyes of your heart open… and may today be the day Destiny draws you in.


Sunday Blessings.

Sundays for me represent my meaning of life. The quiet of the morning, the first sip of coffee, the alone time on the couch to really sit and think.

We see people’s lives on social media and we scroll. We ask, “Why can’t we have what they have?” “Why is she lucky?” “Why is he so successful?”

The truth is no one is without injury or suffering. Everyone has their deepest hurts, regrets, and shortcomings buried deep in their own pillows and closets of life.

It’s easy to get down in this current world situation. Society is a mess… full of racism, bigotry, hate, rebellion, censorship, riots, unpatriotic behaviors and the list goes on… we must align our actions to be as good as our intentions.

Today, I get to flip blueberry pancakes in a little farmhouse that I love. I get to run on roads whose school bus drove my kids to school. I woke up on a lumpy mattress that I wouldn’t change for the world, and share my coffee with someone who is a steady hand of kindness and goodness.

I don’t have a yacht, I don’t have a big bank account, and I don’t care… because what I do have is worth more than any zero on a check.

My life is messy, my brain is a chaotic mess half the time, but I am happy… I don’t need more or better. I don’t need fake or unrealistic.

God gives me just what I need… Every. Single. Day. Reflect on what your blessings are today… that is all.

#sunday #blessings #smilemore

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