Spiritual Muscles

Spiritual muscles today. Not trying to let in anything that doesn’t serve me. Not trying to let anxieties of the past or future infiltrate in as they often do.

Not trying to be anything today but grateful with a deep presence and appreciation for that which is right now, in this moment.

My feet glide today. My iPod plays songs that resonate both survival and strength. The sun warms my skin and I am reminded of all of the wonderful things that summer brings.

What you are not choosing, you are allowing. I needed this shift today to be more awakened. To be reminded that my deep spiritual needs are the foundation of strength that holds this body together. To let go of what doesn’t matter, and fight for what does.

That. Is. All. 👊🏻

Grace and Gratitude

Stay grounded… connect within. Find peace with where you are, and find hope in where you are headed.

You can eat the spinach, drink the water, track the calories, attend the meetings, buy all the things, wear the designer shoes. But not one ounce of that matters if we cannot connect to something higher or greater than ourselves.

Discard immediately what isn’t serving you. Hustle like you mean it… and rid the rotten. This new dawn can bring meaning, and you are capable of cultivating your purpose.

It’s not instant. Gratification is not always instant. Find what works for you… and when you do, hold on tight.

I’ve started my day with what fuels and serves my body the best. Grace and Gratitude today.

What are you grateful for?

Arm Yourself with Kindness.

Sometimes when I reflect back, I can’t believe how my journey has unfolded. This is not about what you weigh or what your size is.

I have learned that the representation of a number to our self worth is BS… and being connected and comfortable in our skin comes in beautiful forms of all shapes and sizes.

This is about treating yourself with kindness.

I spent half of my life nearly drinking myself sick. I allowed foods that were not serving me to rule my decisions, and give me a false sense of comfort. I lived in a rat race of comparisons, instead of allowing grace to move in for healing.

On occasion I still may wobble… life sometimes tries to sway me back to a place that I know will leave me empty and without joy.

Arm yourself with kindness. Focus on feeling your best, leading by example. Shut the toxic opinions of others out, and choose what is best for you.

Today the sun is shining. My head is clear. My body is fueled with nutrition that I can pronounce, my coffee is hot, and I’m grateful for another day.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t wish your life away. Don’t false-idol the people who you think have it all. Start simple… be kind to yourself… and be amazed where that takes you.

~ From the Diary of What Running and Life Have Taught Me

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Do the Thing.

She vowed to be better than what almost broke her. She dares to motivate herself, even when the stands are empty and the crowds have disappeared.

She chooses betterment instead of bitterness, and documents those moments when tangible results are upon her.

Whiskey and wine tried to kill her… processed crap and toxic food tried to comfort her… and self loathing hijacked her every thought.

Educate yourself on what you put in your body. Think less about what people think of you, and more about inner growth, and finding joy.

When they tell you “it’s not possible.” Tell them I sent you. God’s plan for me was greater than I ever could have imagined. Do the thing. THAT. IS. ALL.

Find a few good people… find a good routine… and find yourself back home to in wellness that’s waiting for you.

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Finding Your Freedom.

Joy is subjective. How we reach it and what we choose to do with it when it lands in our arms is based on our beliefs and experiences.

This route I’m on tonight is a road I have walked and run countless times… the bends… the cracks and splits in the pavement… the familiar landscapes, and trees… the same fallen down fence, and tiny creek that has displayed both softness and fierceness, takes me through the pages of my personal story.

I have taken this road through many roadblocks, setbacks, and milestones. I have walked this road through tear-stained eyes of “just another” attempt at sobriety and healthy living.

I have prayed incessantly on this road for new beginnings and purpose. I have revealed my deepest secrets and regrets here, and have found overwhelming contentment is my success and healing.

Tonight, as I look to all the sights and sounds that have embraced all my metamorphoses… I am simply thankful that I get to tell my tale.

I get to give back and spread hope… and most of all, that my joy was not in front of me or behind me… it wasn’t beside me or gone from me… it was there all along… inside of me.

Scream your story from the rooftop… someway… somehow… someone needs to hear it. Amen.

Take Charge of Your Health.

Every time you spend money 💰. You are casting a vote on the kind of health and wellness you want for yourself.

Every morning you have a chance to start over and become more joyful.

To sustain well-being, you must have resilience… to have resilience you must practice discipline… to practice discipline you must believe in something greater.

Words are empty without action. Action is strength… and strength requires zero compromise.

You want the right time? Now is it.

Go get it. 👊🏻

Yes, I Can.

June 16, 2017. She awoke with a pounding head… the kind of headache that was all-too familiar. Her mouth was dry, she was damp with sweat both from the booze and toxic food she put in body the night before trying to break their way out. Her tear-stained pillow was just another reminder of her shame.

She had screamed for help… only for her cries to be intercepted by lies, and defeat… shame and unrest.

The light in her bedroom was blinding. She could see the day was one of sun and glorious skies. She couldn’t move… frozen in time for what seemed like eternity, she turned her head to see them.

They were beautiful, full of color and hope. They were begging her, “Please just give us another chance. We won’t judge you, we’ll be patient, and we will show you… what you were meant to become.”

She hesitated… she wiped the last tear that drained. She dragged herself to the corner to where those sneakers would not stop staring at her.

“Tie the laces… get your hungover ass up, and go make a difference.”

I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I don’t know where you are today in your personal journey or transformations. I don’t know what you have been through, what you have hid in shame, sat with in regret… or begged for freedom of… BUT I DO KNOW THIS ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Whoever said you’re stuck is wrong. Whatever is holding you back can be broken apart and rebuilt.

And whenever you hear somebody say “No, you can’t…” the answer is always “YES, I CAN.” 👊🏻🖤

75 Hard Challenge

What am I learning on this 75 hard challenge?!

I am learning that a gallon is a lot of freaking water 💦.

I am learning that discipline demands a better attitude, and that we can challenge ourselves to do better. 👍

I am learning that 10 pages of a book 📖 at night when you’re exhausted can feel like a 100 pages.

I am learning that doing this means I am not comparing myself to anyone else… but for the personal improvement of my being. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Stagnation creeps on all of us. Do not permit the unsettlement, the lack of understanding, or the fear of the unknown stop you from believing and achieving. 🥇

Set yourself apart. Do the things that hurt… and smile while you’re doing them 🎟.

That is all.

Marine Collagen for Skin, Hair, Nails, Sleep Issues

Where do I begin? Those of you who know me know that writing, running, and wellness have become something that I breathe like air. They are my very survival.

My wellness journey has shaped me, saved me, and taught me more about myself in the last few years than I could ever articulate in 100 paragraphs.

I am not a salesman. This post is not about paraphrasing a load of crap, so if you “act now” you can… (fill in the blank). Being somewhat of a wellness influencer, I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people.

In October I was connected with a spitfire ball of energy, Katie. I instantly liked her, and honestly, I didn’t know why. Her energy maybe, her kind ways, her incredible zest for life?

She had a conversation with me about some things that she has been doing on her journey. She never once asked me to buy anything. We spoke on the phone… connected through social media and a friendship was born.

Back in November, I was struggling with severe cracked and split nails, to the point where I thought I had a very bad vitamin deficiency. It truly concerned me, my sleep was terrible. It seemed that the definitive effects of peri- menopause were winning.

I contacted Katie Gordon Flanagan and she suggested to start using a Marine Collagen product and new nutrition line.

Every word of this is a testimony of my true experience with her marine collagen product recommendation.

✔️My results are absolutely insane. My skin glows, my hair is hands-down the shiniest, and silkiest it’s ever been. It no longer clumps in my shower drain.

✔️This Marine Collagen Elixir is good tasting, has become part of my routine. I previously thought collagen was BS, blah blah (until I could actually see and feel tangible results. I will whole heartedly admit I was wrong about my prior assumptions)!

✔️My eyes have never been so blue or clear.

✔️My fingernails and hands look like two completely different people after 50 days.

✔️My sleep is better, and my energy is improved.

There is no magic in transformation. We must do the work, exercise, strengthen our minds with goodness. Heal past traumas, learn, study, grow… we must do “all the things.”

Having said that, if there is a vessel and vehicle for enhancing everything I believe in, stand for, and choose for my personal well-being… I may have just landed at its doorstep.

The friendships and connections I’ve made. The stories of restoration and achievement, the family value this stands for… I feel blessed to be connected.

I know this will be a next step in my part of changing lives, and helping you change yours too. If I can ever help… message me 💛.

Marine Collagen Elixir – Product Testimonial from Suzanne

💌. It really does work!

💌. It actually tastes delicious!

💌. It has greatly changed my skin, hair, nails, and sleep!

💌. What are you waiting for?

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*Results vary by individual.

This information is not intended as medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms of any kind, consult with your doctor about this and about any possible contraindications with medications you may be taking.

Investing in You.

The future of who you become does not start in someone else’s four walls… it starts in yours.

The potential of your well-being does not start within someone else… it starts within you.

Take the time to sow your own seeds… nurture them and watch them grow.

Investing in yourself is never foolish. Trying something new for personal betterment is not risky… it is smart.

Wanting to see and help people heal and feel their best is not meaningless. It’s nourishment for the soul.

Delay nothing that will aid you in the greatest investment to be made… YOU. What are you waiting for?