Spiritual Muscles

Spiritual muscles today. Not trying to let in anything that doesn’t serve me. Not trying to let anxieties of the past or future infiltrate in as they often do.

Not trying to be anything today but grateful with a deep presence and appreciation for that which is right now, in this moment.

My feet glide today. My iPod plays songs that resonate both survival and strength. The sun warms my skin and I am reminded of all of the wonderful things that summer brings.

What you are not choosing, you are allowing. I needed this shift today to be more awakened. To be reminded that my deep spiritual needs are the foundation of strength that holds this body together. To let go of what doesn’t matter, and fight for what does.

That. Is. All. 👊🏻

Adapt or Transform?

Adapt and Settle? Or Erupt and Transform?

Lay down everything that is conforming you to stagnation.

Pick up your inner reasons, your dreams, and your spirit.

And when the “it’s not worth it”s, the “settle-for”s, and the “it’s not possible”s deliver their speech of fear and resignation…

…tell them I sent you. 👊🏻.

It’s time. Let’s make today into something wonderful.

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Life is My Teacher.

The older I get and the more time that passes… life continues to train and teach me.

It’s not always grandiose nor measured in lavish material “stuff”. It’s not what I can gain from you but what I can give.

As I move through my years… self reflection gets easier, not harder. I seek simplicity. I love my routines. I worry less about things I cannot control, and allow room for acceptance.

I am so grateful those who remain true and journey with me for light and strength… and have learned from those who pit stop in for their own benefit.

Today I ask myself… do my efforts match my words? Do my victories triumph over my defeats, and will I forever live to make a difference? The answer is yes.

Find a few good people… find a good routine… and find yourself back home to in wellness that’s waiting for you.

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New Beginnings.

Spring exhibits mostly mud puddles, melting snow, and nature rising back to life. Spring is a chance uncover the long, dark, deep break of winter and start again.

New beginnings are often scary. We are creatures of habit. We are stuck in fly traps of addictions and bad habits. We tell ourselves our sanity lies in what we know… but does it?

I once fake-smiled my way through life. I was a yes-man for destruction, and a saleswoman for unhealthy. I made excuses not progress, and was drowning in tears of my internal unhappiness.

To begin again… drink from the well of goodness, not perfection. When you think you’re done… realize that you are just beginning. The obstacle course of life will be there. Negative people and ideas will be there. Take one strand of hope, one heap of faith, and one pinch of self-worth, and watch your mind and body change for greater good.

Spring is here. A chance to wash away all that doesn’t serve you, and renew your vow to yourself. Renew… Repurpose… Respond to your highest calling 👊🏻.

May this season of re-birth be our best yet.

I Know It’s Good.

“Pain throws your heart to the ground

Love turns the whole thing around…

I know it won’t always go the way it should…

But I know the heart of life is good.”❤️❤️❤️ ~.

~John Mayer

Welcome Home.

Are you ready to shift? How many of us are stuck in what seems like a timeline of never-ending quicksand? Toleration of ideas or thoughts that make us uncomfortable, that spark uncertainty, and allow for dragging of our being… both physically and mentally.

To welcome ourselves home does not mean to give up and just let life “happen to us.” We are the builders and the architects… but more importantly, we are the occupants of our mind, body, and soul.

We must stop looking outward and elsewhere for approval. We must realize that our gifts and talents are unique to us, and we each have a different vessel and source of travel to get where we dream of going.

I was overthinking way too much lately. Letting magazines, commercials, and others’ opinions infiltrate and try to buckle my foundation.

I had to pause, and breathe, and remember that I do not have to stay stuck. I can shift and move onward to being a better athlete, runner, wife, friend, and “all the things” that I cannot wait to accomplish.

Your structure, the way your house is built… is wonderfully designed for you.

You are enough, you have a gift… go find it and share it.

Study Your Ingredients

Did you ever stop to think about all the virulent crap we put into our bodies and minds daily? I am not just speaking about foods we ingest, but in all facets of life. We are so conditioned to wake up… hear the bad news of the day, stuff it down, go to work, come home, REPEAT!

I overhear conversations at the grocery store, the gas stations, and the coffee shops all the time. People are on their phones, screaming, wanting more, or demanding less, fighting over yesterday’s deals, and sharpening the blades of their tongues to hurt others.

This year I have promised myself to study my ingredients a little closer, and to really examine who I will let in and who must go. I write down the things that are important to sustain my wellbeing, and how I can choose the better-quality ingredients of life to get me there.

We all need balance. We need a piece of cake once in a while… we need rest days and mind resets. We need retreats and refocus. For years I was too one-sided… all or nothing. I didn’t care about the quality of the ingredients as long as it served my purpose.

Today I am more selective. I am more patient. I am more intuitive with what matters to me and what I will and will no longer tolerate.

I am not just concerned about the quantity of things… but the quality first and foremost. This road, this pavement, these sneakers continue to enlighten and surprise me with their teachings. The time spent on this familiar, yet ever-changing route has afforded me new insight to creating joy… and being happy, just because!

Study your ingredients. Watch out for fake substitutes sneaking their way in to arrest your progress. Settle for less if it means gaining the essence of who are. Today starts with grace and it starts now. Onward… 🖤

Why Are You Smiling?

Suzanne, why are you smiling?

I smile because I am seeing my dreams unfold before me. I smile because, despite what some may think, this world is still full of good people… doing abounding things to help others.

I smile because I have stood in the ring of a what seemed like a 12-round boxing match, not only to come out stronger, sober, healthier, but with increased spiritual growth and a newfound sense of purpose and passion.

I smile because the gifts I have been given by my creator have never been more clear or more precise.

I smile because when I share those gifts, my soul feels happy, and my cup is full. I smile because the toxic crap and negative self-talk that once took their liberties upon me, can never break my wall of liberation.

Today can be the day you break your chains. Today can be your day of forgiveness, acceptance, preservation, and hope.

Did you smile today? Even when it’s hard, even when you don’t want to, even still… smile. You may just make someone’s day better. Enough about that… time to move.


Don’t be fooled by false promises, quick fixes, instant gratifications, or if you act nows!

Life is full of short-lived crap that is assured if we turn down the “I know a short cut” road. Every part of your path is meant for exactly where you need to be.

The long road, the slow and steady pace, the stay-the-course path that you know is right… will lead you to your place of joy, contentment, and peace.

I do it too. I get anxious, I get annoyed when I don’t see results fast enough. I let the brutal lessons I have learned in the past overtake my mind, and suddenly I am cross-examining myself to induce doubt, fear, and be strong held to what I know isn’t for me.

Our health, our wellness, our internal peace… our innate ability to help others become better… begins when we do not negotiate with doubters, guilt inflictors, or evil thoughts of the mind.

Illusions look good. They are pretty, perfectly pretended, and often false.

Draw the curtains, let the light show you the truth… and remember you are only buying what you sell yourself…


#wakeupandrun #mamaknows

Face It.

To be a front runner in our personal lives requires us to lead with an open heart, display a willingness to be consistent, and have the courage to face our monsters hiding in the closet.

As I reflect back on the slideshow of my life, often times it seems surreal. The moments when I retrace and pace the steps of how I got to this place, in this very moment, seem translucent.

My years of active addiction and being overweight ingrained feelings of shame, driving the markers of failure deeper. I denied my inner cry for help.

For years I tried to hide the whiskey on my breath. I wept in silence, I gulped processed food in silence… and I hated myself out loud.

I don’t know what you’re facing today… but I do know this. Perhaps today is the day you must descend down in order to rise up to a better tomorrow.

Sit or lie with whatever it is, until you have comfortably declared that it will no longer control you. And remember: just as the autumn leaves must fall to face their destiny… even on the ground, their beauty is magnificent.

Today does not have to be radical nor does it have to be complicated. We are all worthy of moving at our own pace. Today is about understanding that as we grow inward and in faith, it gets harder to fake what we won’t be.

Make an advanced choice to put your truth in front of your impression.

We start slow. We start by admittance. Ask yourself… what do I need to face today? Maybe it’s been hidden for years, or maybe the prints are still fresh.

Move through today with grace and strength. Life is waiting for you.

RUNBEFOREYOUFLY #faceitfriday #runningsavedmylife

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