Embrace What You Can’t Understand.

Where are my overthinkers?

On my recovery walk today… my mind starts to overtake me. Back to the same old questions of “Should I have? Can’t I just be like? Is this way wrong?”

Why do we do it to ourselves? I shake my head and breathe.

I remind myself that no matter where this moment leads me, or how this day unfolds, I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Part of growing and seeing success is to remind yourself of the hope that lives in you. Our greatest challenge is often our mind.

I hear the birds… I see the beautiful wildflowers… and they remind me that this day is a gift.

They are natural born survivors, and so are we.

As my mind relaxes… I think of just how lucky I am to be here. How my path is not what I would have chosen but how my purpose proves otherwise.

Sometimes what we do understand is the best nourishment for your soul.

Finding Your Gratitude

I’ve been asked about my personal journey with my food and booze addictions numerous times. I’ve been asked what stepping stones, forward movements, side streets, cliff falls, and rising ascents have gotten me where I am today?

One word I have studied… practiced… inhaled and meditated on is gratitude.

Despite my greatest challenges… despite the naysayers, despite ridiculous social norms, and heavy waves of intermittent mind chatter… I am somehow always able to see life’s gifts to me and fuel my quest for wellness and health with gratitude.

These gifts come in the form of people and their belief in me. They come in nature and the simplicity of a beautiful tree or body of water. They come in art, and what my eyes allow me see… and sometimes they present themselves even in the messy things.

The realness and rawness of disappointments and temporary setbacks… even amidst these moments, practicing gratitude within the chaos is what lays the foundation for the granulation of what you must recover from.

There will always be moments of nonsense. Find your gratitude anyway… onward.

~ From the Diary of What Running and Life Have Taught Me

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Run Lucky.

Some days I am fast and others are very slow.

Some days have music while others are just the echoing sounds of my surroundings.

Some runs, my mind is clear as a blue sky and sometimes it’s murky like deep water.

Sometimes it’s just because… while other times it’s pushing my body to limits I never thought possible.

Despite it all, I know this is a gift. How blessed to get to do something you love… in a place that you love… just making memories on the pavement?

Why do you do it? Some ask.

Because “I’m lucky enough to.”

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Weeds or Wishes

The dandelion does not stop growing because some people think they’re pointless and bothersome.

Each day the world seems to become more lost in challenges, comparisons, corrupt practices, and societal stigmas. These leave us feeling broken… defeated… empty and lost.

Goals are wonderful. Hard work and perseverance, necessary… but so is keeping the simple magic and wonder of life alive.

We set ourselves up to fail. We listen to people who are not even qualified to dictate or implant an idea of what we must accomplish for mental toughness, or weight loss, or self healing.

We then wonder why if we missed a workout, took a bite of cake, or did not see results overnight, these things made us feel even worse. Right?

Your blueprint is unique. Your dreams…your wants… your desires are meant for you.

Routines are good, but so is spontaneity. Good habits are fantastic, but so is balance.

Stop the pre-recorded message in your head that says you messed up today so your efforts are meaningless.

Peace, joy, comfort, happiness, contentment, steadfast acceptance of yourself comes from your Creator and your willingness to believe in better days and better outcomes… otherwise known as Hope.

You may see a weed… I see a wish. Make one.

~ from the diary of what running and life have taught me ~

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Mailbox to Mailbox.

What are you looking at, Suzanne?

I am looking at the face of someone who was taught fear comes first… and boldness comes later.

I am looking at the inner being of a little girl who knew even before life showed her that she was going to lead by transparency instead of tragedy someday.

I am looking at the face of a woman who let the lies of the bottle and the fake ingredients of processed crap hijack her mind daily.

Lastly, I am looking at my heart’s reflection. I see a journey of a woman who literally was saved “Mailbox to Mailbox” as her sneakers pounded, her sweat ran, and her lungs breathed her back into being.

Find the souls that speak your language, so you waste not one minute translating your spirit. And may the space between where you are and where you want to be never stop inspiring you 💛.

That. Is. All. 👊🏻


Most of us will wake up today with a burden we have been carrying around full of heaviness.

These little pieces of anger, sadness, depression, anxiety, unworthiness, self-loathing, self- criticism, and negativity move in unannounced and work tirelessly to set us up for failure.

I am reminded today of the lesson a sunflower 🌻 teaches… they are made to grow roots deep and wide, to survive strong winds, and always put their face to the light.

Today I am choosing to put my face to the sun, ground my feet, and be truly grateful for the strength I am “growing.”

Be a sunflower today 👊🏻.

Why I Do It.

Every once in a while I ponder if what I do truly matters. I wonder if people really read what I write… if I am doing my best to inspire, and ponder if they can feel all the emotions I poured out in writing it.

You think, “If I can help just one person…” This week, a few people have messaged me confirming that the human heart does translate words into action, and action in spreading hope.

They have had the kindest words, they are changing themselves for the betterment of health, and self-confidence.

I am so grateful to be a vessel… not always do we understand His plan, but I am so honored that mine included a pen and some words that can unite us into becoming our best selves.

Thank you Susan for your thoughtful words… AND LET’S GIVE THIS GIRL SOME KUDOS FOR WHAT SHE ACCOMPLISHED ❤️. THIS IS WHY I DO IT ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you… I know I never post anything about myself on the group pages, but I do read everything, and I want you to know it has meant a lot.

Some days your words have gotten me out of bed. Some days they have made me go outside and some days they have pushed me through training.

I want you to know that you have made a difference in at least one person’s life and that you are appreciated. You have been a great support and you helped me to this…”

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Shadow Self

Our shadows hold the essence of who we are. They hold our stories… they become our platform for growth, and reflection. 

Shadows are beautiful, and equally important as the light.

When we swirl in spaces of deep trust versus mistrust, faith versus control, patterns of painful choices, we purposefully turn our face from the light.

There is always a divide of what we dream of being as opposed to where we stand at this very moment. 

This morning, let yourself rest in who you are. Do not let your joy be stolen, and know the light does return. 

Accept, not resist, what you can accomplish today.

Shadows and light… love and hope… faith and fear. These things are necessary for change. 

Live your story, and love all the humanness about you that got you there.


Welcome Home.

Are you ready to shift? How many of us are stuck in what seems like a timeline of never-ending quicksand? Toleration of ideas or thoughts that make us uncomfortable, that spark uncertainty, and allow for dragging of our being… both physically and mentally.

To welcome ourselves home does not mean to give up and just let life “happen to us.” We are the builders and the architects… but more importantly, we are the occupants of our mind, body, and soul.

We must stop looking outward and elsewhere for approval. We must realize that our gifts and talents are unique to us, and we each have a different vessel and source of travel to get where we dream of going.

I was overthinking way too much lately. Letting magazines, commercials, and others’ opinions infiltrate and try to buckle my foundation.

I had to pause, and breathe, and remember that I do not have to stay stuck. I can shift and move onward to being a better athlete, runner, wife, friend, and “all the things” that I cannot wait to accomplish.

Your structure, the way your house is built… is wonderfully designed for you.

You are enough, you have a gift… go find it and share it.

The Art of Wellbeing

Good Saturday Morning!

It’s not just another day. It’s more than just a shuffle to the coffee pot. It’s not about let’s just exist and pray nothing gets in our way today. 

It’s not the crap on television or fake news. It’s not the stigmas of BS people have so generously placed upon us. It’s not about faking our way through the day and hoping no one sees our struggles, our shortcomings and our setbacks.

It’s about trying to love and accept ourselves even when the mirror and mind are fighting against us. It’s about forgiving what we could not understand and educating ourselves on nutrition and wellness. 

It’s about owning what we could not change and fighting like hell to do something about it.

It’s about trying our best and believing that no matter what… life is begging us to sign a contract with renewal, and hope, with faith and freedom.

You are enough. Today, tomorrow, and forever. Time to fly.

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