Natural Empath

As a natural born empath, I feel “all the things.” Your things… my things… this world’s things.

I wake up… I meditate… I run and sometimes the sh!&storm in my head still pounds on the door of fear and failure, ever so deceitfully trying to slide its way in unnoticed.

Today I invite you to sit where you are and travel to a home within yourself. Bring what hurts, bring your scars and the load that you carry.

Invite in all the raw, vulnerable, scary parts about yourself that you think define your self worth.

Let them stay as they need to. Let them stay until you can feel that the love you give, the health you fight for, and the purpose that drives you… is not wasted time, but an investment.

Get out of your own way today. Stop doubting yourself. Stop halting the battle of your bravery.

Stop not being okay with who you are. Tuck yourself in to a space of love and acceptance. And when you get there, fight like hell to stay.


Spiritual Muscles

Spiritual muscles today. Not trying to let in anything that doesn’t serve me. Not trying to let anxieties of the past or future infiltrate in as they often do.

Not trying to be anything today but grateful with a deep presence and appreciation for that which is right now, in this moment.

My feet glide today. My iPod plays songs that resonate both survival and strength. The sun warms my skin and I am reminded of all of the wonderful things that summer brings.

What you are not choosing, you are allowing. I needed this shift today to be more awakened. To be reminded that my deep spiritual needs are the foundation of strength that holds this body together. To let go of what doesn’t matter, and fight for what does.

That. Is. All. 👊🏻

On Being Vulnerable.

Vulnerability is always staying in search of the light. It’s questioning the whys… it’s continual motion toward a direction of your inner truths, and creating an positive impact to those around you.

The in-betweens of the space you are sitting now and where you are headed are often filled with small miracles, daily victories, and subtle moments of learning and triumph.

It’s okay to sit in the gap of uncertainty from time to time, as uncertainty brings about more possibilities for growth.

It’s okay to not tolerate what you once allowed, and fight for a better tomorrow.

Pay attention. Seek to follow those who ignite you. Seek to follow those who give and not just take. Pay attention to acts of selfishness versus acts of selflessness. See in yourself what you want others to see in you.

You are the light… you are the miracle… and you are the force within yourself.

Embrace the hard… and it gets softer. Embrace the doubt… and it gets harder.


Adapt or Transform?

Adapt and Settle? Or Erupt and Transform?

Lay down everything that is conforming you to stagnation.

Pick up your inner reasons, your dreams, and your spirit.

And when the “it’s not worth it”s, the “settle-for”s, and the “it’s not possible”s deliver their speech of fear and resignation…

…tell them I sent you. 👊🏻.

It’s time. Let’s make today into something wonderful.

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Weeds or Wishes

The dandelion does not stop growing because some people think they’re pointless and bothersome.

Each day the world seems to become more lost in challenges, comparisons, corrupt practices, and societal stigmas. These leave us feeling broken… defeated… empty and lost.

Goals are wonderful. Hard work and perseverance, necessary… but so is keeping the simple magic and wonder of life alive.

We set ourselves up to fail. We listen to people who are not even qualified to dictate or implant an idea of what we must accomplish for mental toughness, or weight loss, or self healing.

We then wonder why if we missed a workout, took a bite of cake, or did not see results overnight, these things made us feel even worse. Right?

Your blueprint is unique. Your dreams…your wants… your desires are meant for you.

Routines are good, but so is spontaneity. Good habits are fantastic, but so is balance.

Stop the pre-recorded message in your head that says you messed up today so your efforts are meaningless.

Peace, joy, comfort, happiness, contentment, steadfast acceptance of yourself comes from your Creator and your willingness to believe in better days and better outcomes… otherwise known as Hope.

You may see a weed… I see a wish. Make one.

~ from the diary of what running and life have taught me ~

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Mailbox to Mailbox.

What are you looking at, Suzanne?

I am looking at the face of someone who was taught fear comes first… and boldness comes later.

I am looking at the inner being of a little girl who knew even before life showed her that she was going to lead by transparency instead of tragedy someday.

I am looking at the face of a woman who let the lies of the bottle and the fake ingredients of processed crap hijack her mind daily.

Lastly, I am looking at my heart’s reflection. I see a journey of a woman who literally was saved “Mailbox to Mailbox” as her sneakers pounded, her sweat ran, and her lungs breathed her back into being.

Find the souls that speak your language, so you waste not one minute translating your spirit. And may the space between where you are and where you want to be never stop inspiring you 💛.

That. Is. All. 👊🏻

Finding Your Freedom.

Joy is subjective. How we reach it and what we choose to do with it when it lands in our arms is based on our beliefs and experiences.

This route I’m on tonight is a road I have walked and run countless times… the bends… the cracks and splits in the pavement… the familiar landscapes, and trees… the same fallen down fence, and tiny creek that has displayed both softness and fierceness, takes me through the pages of my personal story.

I have taken this road through many roadblocks, setbacks, and milestones. I have walked this road through tear-stained eyes of “just another” attempt at sobriety and healthy living.

I have prayed incessantly on this road for new beginnings and purpose. I have revealed my deepest secrets and regrets here, and have found overwhelming contentment is my success and healing.

Tonight, as I look to all the sights and sounds that have embraced all my metamorphoses… I am simply thankful that I get to tell my tale.

I get to give back and spread hope… and most of all, that my joy was not in front of me or behind me… it wasn’t beside me or gone from me… it was there all along… inside of me.

Scream your story from the rooftop… someway… somehow… someone needs to hear it. Amen.

High Hopes.

She is somewhere between where she was and where is going. She doesn’t dwell or stay in the past, but she visits occasionally to be reminded of all she has overcome.

She visits occasionally to allow her demons and villains to see they no longer control her, and that their voice is no longer audible.

Crappy food, drained bottles of booze, low-budget thoughts, and self-doubt are now replaced with high hopes… mixed with healthy nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.

She reflects this morning not only on all that life has taken from her… but more importantly how much it has given her.

Transformation comes in many forms… physical, mental, spiritual, and with a rebirth of gratitude and healing.

Most of all… life has been good to me.

Lace, tie, run, repeat… I’m a lucky girl 💜.

Ladies… Say YES to Fit and Fabulous in Your Forties and Fifties.

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Serendipitous Vibes.

Living in the moment detached from the bothers of this life.

Sometimes we find pure joy and pleasantries by accident… seeing something in a new appreciative view, not having expectations but hope, and thanking God just for the very breath I was given at this dawn…

Serendipitous is my vibe today… May it be yours.

New Beginnings.

Spring exhibits mostly mud puddles, melting snow, and nature rising back to life. Spring is a chance uncover the long, dark, deep break of winter and start again.

New beginnings are often scary. We are creatures of habit. We are stuck in fly traps of addictions and bad habits. We tell ourselves our sanity lies in what we know… but does it?

I once fake-smiled my way through life. I was a yes-man for destruction, and a saleswoman for unhealthy. I made excuses not progress, and was drowning in tears of my internal unhappiness.

To begin again… drink from the well of goodness, not perfection. When you think you’re done… realize that you are just beginning. The obstacle course of life will be there. Negative people and ideas will be there. Take one strand of hope, one heap of faith, and one pinch of self-worth, and watch your mind and body change for greater good.

Spring is here. A chance to wash away all that doesn’t serve you, and renew your vow to yourself. Renew… Repurpose… Respond to your highest calling 👊🏻.

May this season of re-birth be our best yet.